We’ve been hoping you would visit …

You’re looking for a way to get into the woods, wishing you had the time, skills, money, or people to go with.
You’ve wanted more for you kids; you can feel that they’d do better if they were more connected with the natural world, and spending more time with healthy people who love and support them in their own unique path.
Without being able to put your finger on it, you’ve felt that something is missing from your life, that you should feel more connected, healthier, and more capable in the world just outside your back door.
Northwood is here to help you meet these needs, which all humans share. We’re here to help you and your family connect more deeply and wholly with the forest around you, with yourselves, and with each other.
Vision: Supporting regenerative community through cooperative nature connection.
Mission: A world where we are empowered to work together to build regenerative culture through connection with ourselves, our communities, and the natural world around us.



Trevanion Grenfell’s early childhood experiences in the woods of Waldo County formed the foundation of a lifelong love affair with the forest. After a rocky start in public education, he finished high school at Sudbury Valley School, a democratic private school. His experiences with empowerment and agency therein were highly influential to his pedagogy and politics. Originally starting to work in the spheres of non-profit political work, he soon moved back to hands-on work with youth in summer camp settings. This led him into the field of Primitive Skills, which became foundational to his life and worldview. He studied primitive skills for the next 8 years very intensively, weaving them into his studies at Unity College where he double-majored in Biology and Education. After working in public schools for a year and a private democratic school in Santa Fe for 3 years, he moved back to Maine to start Northwood, where he happily works today.

Trevanna Grenfell has spent the past 10 years studying and working in the field of nature connection, outdoor education, and non-profit strategic consulting. Her recent work experience that informs her current role at Northwood included spending 3 years as the Program Director at a similiar non-profit in Boulder, Colorado called Feet on the Earth Programs, and spending 2 years at the Sustainability Coordinator at the Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center in Western Maine. She looks forward to leveraging her experiences as a backcountry trip leader, staff mentor, and non-profit business organizer to set Northwood on the road to success.



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