In order to support the broad spread of regenerative nature connection, Northwood is available to teach, train, and consult with individuals and organizations who are interested in bringing a deeper experience of nature and community to their work.

The following are just some of the areas Northwood staff are experienced in:
  • Skill-based workshops for youth, families, or adults on a variety of topics such as:
    • Traditional crafts (fibers and cordage, hide tanning and leatherwork, woodworking, basketry, dye and paint, etc.)
    • Naturalist skills (plant identification and usage, wildlife tracking, nature journaling, land caretaking principles, etc.)
    • Survival skills (lost-proofing and orienteering, shelter building, fire making and tending, first aid, wild foods, etc.)
  • How to incorporate and lead nature connection curriculum within public or alternative school curricula
  • Mentoring and healthy culture-building practices for families, communities, and businesses
  • Supporting and creating Rites of Passage for various life stages

We’d love to have a conversation about how Northwood can support you.

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