Greenwood School & Summer Programs Coordinator

After a few years in hot and dusty San Antonio, Texas, Daniel grew up on the dirt roads and mixed-forest hills of southern Missouri. There, Daniel drank water from a well, dodged angry wasps in the summer, explored craggy bluffs, fished and swam in an old creek, and had experiences with the natural world that would shape the rest of their life. Daniel thrives on sharing with others the nuanced and intimate moments that can only be absorbed and internalized by direct and conscious engagement with Nature. Over the years, Daniel has learned and grown through everything from being a JROTC Battalion Commander in high school to studying Fine Arts at Kenyon College. Throughout it all, Daniel has continued to forge a deep personal connection with wilderness and has shared that connection with others; first as a NOLS student in Alaska, then as a college outdoor club leader, and later as a wilderness trip facilitator for teens in Wyoming. In 2014, Daniel worked for a season with Kroka Expeditions exploring farms and forests with youth in rural New Hampshire, then spent a year homesteading and living in a spiritual community in Northeastern Vermont. Thus, like a dandelion seed nestled in the breast of a migrating seagull, Daniel has landed in the verdant pastures of Maine. Daniel’s engagement with young people is an extension of a prolonged prayer to the Earth, and they feel grateful to witness and support the growth of future generations through working with Northwood and beyond. Click here to contact Daniel.


Village Day Coordinator

Corallina Breuer found her excitement about the natural world early in life. Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Coral rode horses, raised prize-winning chickens through 4-H, and fell in love with the world around her. She attended college in Ohio, with a major of Educational Studies. and has spent her years since working in various realms of education and community development as a teacher, mentor, and consultant. After college, she served as an AmeriCorps VISTA where she developed curriculum for a restorative justice project that partnered teenagers serving hours in the Juvenile Probation Court with a community garden. It was AmeriCorps that also brought Coral to Maine where she served as a VISTA Leader with Maine Campus Compact, a coalition of 18 Maine colleges working to transform campuses to reinvigorate the public purposes and civic mission of higher education. She now works both at Northwood and at New Beat, a local horse-powered farm! Coral loves to dance, and is the President of Downeast Friends of Folk Arts (DEFFA) where she organizes dances and cultural events. Coral really loves birds and all things wild, and brings a lot of passion and wonder to all the programs she works on!  Click here to contact Coral.


Financial Coordinator

Nancy studied law and business in France at CNED. She has a diverse background of experience from managing a retail book store and working in a bank. Before coming to the US, she worked as a prospecting agent, selling insurance and financial products. In this position she realized that the foundation of any business was the quality of relationships, whether in sales for a small company or a large corporation. In 2000, Nancy started an organic food co-op in New York, which grew to become a store front. During the 12 years Nancy managed the co-op she helped build a strong community of people wanting to make more informed choices about where their food came from. By building a membership-based coop from the ground up, Nancy gained the skills necessary to make the coop a resilient organization. Nancy’s experience with organizational management combined with her desire to live in a thriving community make her a great fit for Northwood. Nancy has also sat on several boards including EarthSave (New York chapter) and the Raw Life Food Co-op.  Click here to contact Nancy.


Summer Programs Marketing Coordinator

Caitlin Horigan built and manages the Northwood website. When she is not doing web design and marketing she enjoys laughing so hard her stomach hurts, playing in the woods, practicing yoga, and learning about plants. Caitlin has recently started working at Village Day. She has been working with youth in various capacities for more than 15 years. Caitlin is a third year participant, occasional mentor, and events coordinator for the Wildwood Path and she is eager to share nature connection practices with Northwood youth. Her journey with tracking, bird language, plant  medicine, shelter building and off grid living began at the Maine Primitive Skills School in early 2014. She is on a journey of learning about her own ancestral lineage and deepening relationship with the skills and nature connection practices of her ancestors. Caitlin has a Wilderness First Responder certification and is pursuing a Recreational Maine Guide license.  Click here to contact Caitlin.


Village Day Staff

Jesse Everett has always felt most at home in the woods. She grew up near Portland in an action-oriented family: rock climbing, water skiing, camping, and skiing. It wasn’t until she attended Bowdoin College that she discovered a deeper connection with the natural world. She acted as wilderness guide with the Anasazi Foundation in the backcountry of Arizona and as a mentor with the Children of the Earth Foundation in New York, deepening her survival studies at the Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School in New Jersey. She later moved to North Carolina where she immersed herself in the thriving earth skills community of the southern Appalachians. After serving as a middle school teacher on Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota for two years, she is thrilled to be back in her home state, learning alongside the passions of Northwood students.

Caitlin & Jason

Village Day Staff

Jason Chandler and Caitlin Thurrell have been exploring a range of skills for many years including hide  tanning and craft, tracking, wild food and medicine, and growing food by  hand, all centered around developing a deep knowledge of place.  They  have been traveling and living together for several years, including a  formative year and a half of grain farming and shepherding in the  Himalayans of India. In Maine Caitlin has worked many years as a farmer,  Jason has worked as a wilderness guide, and they both have years of  experience and a great love of working with youth.


On Community Healing Leave

Trevanion Grenfell’s early childhood experiences in the woods of Waldo County formed the foundation of a lifelong love affair with the forest. After a rocky start in public education, he finished high school at Sudbury Valley School, a democratic private school. His experiences with empowerment and agency therein were highly influential to his pedagogy and politics. Originally starting to work in the spheres of non-profit political work, he soon moved back to hands-on work with youth in summer camp settings. This led him into the field of Primitive Skills, which became foundational to his life and worldview. He studied primitive skills for the next 8 years very intensively, weaving them into his studies at Unity College where he double-majored in Biology and Education. After working in public schools for a year and a private democratic school in Santa Fe for 3 years, he moved back to Maine to start Northwood, where he happily works today.