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Northwood’s adult programs offer a variety of ways to plug in, from workshops and events to the 9 month Wildwood Path women’s apprenticeship. Our adult programs weave together elements of nature connection and regenerative cultural practices. Northwood offers an ever changing exciting series of workshops and other events ranging from Bird Language to Regenerative Community Practices to Friction Fire. Keep an eye on our calendar to stay abreast of upcoming events!

Backcountry Skills Canoe Trip
June 8th-10th

Canoe Skills, Campfire Cooking, Water Rescues, Backcountry Comfort, and Applied Guiding

Packed with skills, laughs, and learning, we’ll dip our toes into the waters of river canoeing skills, water rescues, weather prediction/management, campfire cooking, Leave No Trace ethics, wilderness first aid, wild edibles, handcrafts, and survival skills, and how to have a great time in the wilderness with any group.
This weekend is geared towards folks who want to increase their backcountry camping and canoeing skills for the sake of fun, safety, and leadership ability in nature. The training pieces offered are appropriate for anyone studying to become a wilderness or Maine Guide, but are also valuable for anyone who wants to be more confident in the backcountry. Folks of all ages, walks of life, backgrounds, and identities are welcome on this trip and we will strive to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone. A medium level of physical fitness and comfort with camping and wilderness living will make this trip more fun for you– but it’s not an extreme sports challenge! Get in touch if you have questions about whether this trip is right for you or for someone you know.
Trevanna Grenfell of The Wildwood Path and Northwood Natural Learning and Nancy Zane of North Star Adventures will join forces with special guests and with our best teacher– the wilderness– to offer an engaging, fun, and effective learning experience on this short but rich canoe trip. Trevanna and Nancy have decades of combined experience leading wilderness trips and facilitating transformative nature connection experiences, and they are bringing both their competent skill AND their spirits of fun and to bear on this community-building experience. One on one mentoring with Trevanna or Nancy is also available by arrangement if you would like to prepare for the trip or for your guiding exam, and they may be able accommodate certain personal requests and interests within the context of the expedition curriculum if arranged in advance. An optional additional WFA/R certification and Leave No Trace Trainer certification will be offered if desired.
This weekend training is designed to help you learn what you need to know to become more comfortable alone or guiding others in the woods. These are good skills for anyone who’s spending time in the woods alone or with groups to have– and are necessary for those interested in wilderness guiding as a profession. Not to mention that everyone can benefit from improving their wilderness skill set!
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