» » » Nature Night: Eat the Trees!

Nature Night: Eat the Trees!

Northwood and Unity Barn Raisers are combining our powers to offer a series of “Nature Nights” in Unity. Join us for our first one as we get out and explore the trees who live all around us. How can you tell them apart? What crafts can you make with them? And how can you EAT them this Spring and Summer? There’s a lot to learn from our often-forgotten tree neighbors.

Folks of all ages, walks of life, and levels of experience will enjoy this fun community workshop. Please dress to be both inside and out (trees live outside!), bring a water bottle and snacks if you’ll want them, and get ready for a great evening! We’ll meet at the Unity Community Center at 6pm before heading outside.

Donations will be accepted to defray costs of running this program, and please let us know if you would like to volunteer to support this or future Nature Nights!

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