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Northwood has news!

We’ve been as busy as Orange-banded Bumblebees for the past few months, and though Summer is in full swing now, we are keenly aware that Winter is coming and Northwood programs are starting up again in only six short weeks! We can’t wait to see many of you soon and to dive deeper into nature and community connection. What we’re doing together is deeply needed in our world!


We’re posting now because we have exciting updates to share! Right now, we need your support to improve our programs and expand our reach. As you may know, we’re starting a new two-day per week teen program to actualize our dream of operating a democratic school in Midcoast Maine. Greenwood Community School is happening! We have a fabulous group of students lining up as the inaugural class, and in order to support these kids and all of the current and future Northwood students, we are thrilled to announce that we are beginning construction on our first-ever Northwood Schoolhouse! If you can lend a hand in the form of time, materials, or financial donations, please reach out. We need help in order to make this happen! We’ve included a “Wish List” at the end of this post.

Another step forward for Northwood is that we’re busy setting up a beautiful online registration and payment system that will streamline communications and finances for YOU. We can’t wait to roll it out in two weeks, and in the meantime we want you to know that we DO want you to officially register for programs—as soon as the new system is up and running. In the meantime, please “Save the Dates”, and help us spread the word about Greenwood School and Village Day. We have at least a few spaces left in all of our programs and a stellar lineup of staff and guests:


Long Term Programs 

Greenwood School: Democratic education for youth ages 12 and up, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Belmont, Maine. Sliding Scale: $1200 – $3600/ Fall semester, with scholarships + barter available.

Village Day: Nature Connection Mentoring for youth ages 5 – 17, Fridays in Belmont, Maine. Sliding Scale: $520 – $920/ Fall semester, with scholarships + barter available.

The Wildwood Path: A 9-month learning journey for women and/or trans people interested in wilderness skills, naturalist practices, and earth-based ceremony. For adults. One weekend/month, October – June in locations around central Maine. Visit www.wildwoodpath.com for details!


In general, thank you so much for staying connected and caring about Northwood! We are working hard to keep improving our programs and can’t wait to see how things grow this season. Please check out our Wish List below and stay tuned for another email soon with program registration links and community work day info. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Trevanna, Trevanion, and all the Northwood Staff

Wish List: We are taking a big risk in building this building because we know it will enrich the experiences of all our students AND enable new people to attend our programs. We’re just getting started and are hoping that all your generous offers of support will be directed towards the project for the next few months.

Immediately: Can you help us source any of the following materials for free or at a discount? Would you like to come to a work day in Belmonst? Can you donate any money to cover the costs of materials? We’re trusting that this will come together and are very excited to host classes in the new building once it’s complete!



Double pane windows

Roofing, either metal or architectural shingles

Planed, dry wood suitable for flooring.

2x4s, 2x6s, and 2x10s

1x of any variety

Insulation, of any variety.

Torx head screws

Pneumatic Framing Nails

Pneumatic Siding Nails


Row Cover

Drywall and Spackle

Primer and Paint, interior and exterior

Drywall screws

Pneumatic siding nails

¼ in galvanized welded wire mesh

Exterior doors, preferably with windows



Off-grid Solar setup

Interior grade oil finishes, such as linseed or tung, or Rubio

Exterior oil finishes, such as Penofin or Australian Timber oil




Pneumatic Framing Nailers

Pneumatic Trim Nailer

Gas-powered Post Hole Digger

Large flat-bed Trailer

Portable saw mill

Gas-powered concrete mixer


Specifics for building material donors:

3/4 CDX 47
2.5 in Ringshank Pnu. Nails 15 lbs
Wood Flooring 1,4000 sf
Flooring Nails 4,000 – 11,000, depending on flooring
8 in 90 deg. Joist Hangers 150
8 in 45 deg. Joist Hangers 15
10 ft 2×8 Grd. 1 30
12 ft 2×8 Grd. 1 25
25 lb 9×3 1/8 in GRK R4 Contractor Pack (900 ct)
1/4 in welded wire screen 1,300 sf
Double Reflective Insulation 1,300 sf
2 in x 30 ft foil tape 20
GRK RSS 3/8×14 1/8 200
7/16 OSB 60
3/4 in interior siding 2,000 sf
2.5 in Ringshank pnu. nails 20 lbs
Wood Siding (live edge is fine) 2,000 sf
Penofin 5 gal
16 ft 2×6 46
8 ft 2×6 70
Blown-in Insulation 2200 cu. ft.
Raw Linseed Oil 5 gal
Windows 18
Sliding Glass doors 2
24 ft 2×10 35
5/8 OSB 55
Grace Ice and Water Shield 1,600 s.f.
Painted Metal Roofing 1,600 s.f.
Metal Roofing Screws 5 lb
2.5 Ringshank Pnu. Nails 15 lbs
5/8 Drywall 55
2 in Drywall Screws 10 lbs
Spackle 10 gal
Primer 8 gal
Untinted Paint 5 gal
Blown-in Insulation 1,248 cu. Ft.


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