As a Unity College graduate and forest manager with a professional background in education, I have witnessed flaws in the general trends of both the environmental field and the education system. Both fields are under-funded and under-cared for and often focused too much on profit. At Northwood, a small but mighty group of dedicated individuals have come together and created a place for both parents and children to learn about and connect with nature and with each other. And as you dive into this community, you will discover all the communities that were always just next door or in your back yard. I implore you leave what you know as education, come with an open mind, and discover the community that has been waiting for you at Northwood Natural Learning.


Our 5-year old son Wilder loves the outdoors, and Northwood turned out to be the perfect place for him! Under the guidance of Trevanna and Trevanion, Wilder was able to spend quality time outside learning deeply about the trees, birds, and surrounding plants. We know it was a success when he never wanted to leave at the end of the day!

Frank - Thorndike, ME

Northwood’s teaching is infused with healthy mega-doses of singing, movement, arts, reflection and connection.  While working with Northwood, one often feels like every step and word contributes to a deeper eco-cultural relationship and community- building, an evolving process of becoming part of a world beyond and greater than ourselves. The staff have a gift for making fascinating and deep nature lore, cultural artifacts and practical wilderness skills accessible and fun to people of all ages. They can communicate and successfully resolve the struggles of individual children as well as more complex social dynamics, and they manage learning, teaching, and collaborating with students, colleagues and parents with immaculate tact and grace.

Maria - Rockland, ME

My experience with the Wildwood Path community left an indelible impression on me– as a guest, I felt honored, respected, welcomed, and ultimately embraced by a group of inclusive souls whose eagerness to learn and connect to the land and each other felt deeply rooted. Meals were lovingly cooked and shared, songs were ample, and a general sense of common heart-centered intention infused the space. I left knowing that Trevanna, Kyla, and the various guest teachers’ combined earth wisdom is supporting each of the participants through their journey of deepening into ritual and earth based skills. I can’t wait to return!

Wendy - Boulder, CO

Northwood has been a fantastic experience for my children. I am so grateful for the rich experience you have provided for them. They come home dirty, tired, and brimming over with excitement about everything they did, saw, and learned that day. I am learning so much just from listening to the stories of their days! It is clear how much thought, training, commitment, and passion has gone into the development of this rich, dynamic program. We are truly blessed to have Trevanna, Trevanion and their fantastic assistants guiding, teaching, and mentoring our children. We can’t wait to come back in the fall!

Laura - Belfast, ME