Northwood’s Youth Programs…

are a great fit for families seeking long-term nature-based mentoring!

At Northwood Programs, youth of all ages come together for an empowering all-seasons outdoor learning experience that supplements and enriches the other aspects of their academic and community education. Using principles of democratic education, students work with mentors and elders to follow their passions and develop their interpersonal, naturalist, and academic skills. Our programs serve homeschooled, alternatively schooled, and public schooled youth ages 5-17.

Village Day

Spend an amazing series of Fridays with Northwood and enrich your child’s education with deep nature connection and personal mentoring as part of community-based regenerative culture. In this multi-age, multi-dimensional learning circle, we learn wilderness, naturalist, science, and physical skills as well as healthy and empowering community practices that will bring out the best in everyone. Some students take Fridays off of school to attend Village Day as an educational supplement and we are happy to work with your family and school to make this possible if it seems like a good fit.

Spring 2017

Classes run Fridays from 9am – 3pm in Belmont, Maine and are open to youth ages 5 – 17.

Students sign up for whole semester of Village Day. If you want to join late, you may begin attending at our mid-point. This ensures that we can integrate everyone and invest in the positive culture and learning community that we are crafting.

Spring Session:

Village Day starts with a winter overnight and continues with our usual Friday series! We’ll meet every Friday between March 3 – June 2, with a community festival on the last day.

After School Programming

Northwood is available to run after school programming for local schools or organizations by contract. We are currently booked on Wednesdays and Fridays, but please reach out if you’re interested in having Northwood come to your school!

Overnights and Camp Outs

Camping out with your friends and mentors has to be one of the best parts of childhood! Kids age 9 and up are welcome to join us for an overnight– we’ll play night games, do campfire cooking, and learn how to be comfortable and at home in the wilderness together. Some overnights are stand alone events, and others are tied to Village Day– inquire for details if you’re interested in participating!

Upcoming Overnights: April 20 – 21, June 1 – 2

Summer Camps

Day Camp! June 26 – 30 : Spend five wild days immersing in nature with Northwood! Explore the fields, forests, creeks, ponds, and orchards with your friends as we play, learn, and just plain have fun together. Nature connection at it’s best. Ages 5 – 17

Overnight Camp! July 31 – August 4 : Longing to sneak through the forest? Want to tell hilarious stories around a campfire? Curious to eat wild food every day and practice sleeping out with your friends every night? Join us for an overnight adventure! Laughter, singing, games, skills, and great memories are waiting. Ages 10 – 17

Backcountry Trips: We have the opportunity to lead backcountry canoe trips with our elder and mentor Ray Reitze– these special trips are by invitation or arrangement and can’t be described. Get in touch if you’re interested in the trip of a lifetime in Northern Maine.

Northwood’s Curriculum Includes:

Wildlife Tracking


Nature Journaling

Edible and Medicinal Plants

Map and Compass

Wilderness First Aid

Restorative Justice

Natural Hand Crafts

Knots, Hitches, and Lashings

Bird Language

Games and Songs

Rites of Passage

Community Connection

Long-Term Mentoring

Survival Skills

Democratic Decision Making

Northwood is committed to making our programs accessible to all and we are willing to work with each family to ensure that their children can participate. Carpooling support, communication with teachers if students are missing school for this circle, barter and work/trade to defray costs, and individualized support for children with specific challenges are all available if needed. Please get in touch and talk about your particular situation with us if you’re interested! Baseline Northwood program costs are sliding scale $40 – $70/day/child, with break-even costs currently running about $50/day. Many families pay at the low end of the sliding scale and do barter to offset costs further, so we invite you to pay what you can afford with the understanding that alternative economic approaches support diversity and strength in our community.

Registration for programs is open until they fill.


Contact us to register