Northwood’s Youth Programs…

are a great fit for families seeking long-term nature-based mentoring!

At Northwood Programs, youth of all ages come together for empowering, all-seasons outdoor learning experiences that supplement and enrich the other aspects of their academic and community education. Using principles of democratic education, students work with mentors and elders to follow their passions and develop their interpersonal, naturalist, and academic skills. Our programs serve homeschooled, alternatively schooled, and public schooled youth ages 5-18.


Greenwood Community School

Greenwood Community School is a two-day per week program for middle and high school age students. Blending academic study with nature connection and exploration of the local community, Greenwood forms the backbone of many young people’s education in midcoast Maine.

Village Day

Village Day meets every Friday through the school year in Belmont, ME. With participants ranging from 5 to 18, this group of 30 students explore the natural world in healthy, community-oriented ways. We practice wilderness skills, learn about the woods, figure out how to work together, and play a lot of fun games! From home schoolers to public schoolers, Village day is a great addition to any educational program.

Summer Camps

Northwood Summer Camps are a great way for any young people to get outside. With both overnight programs and day programs, our summer camps get kids offer a range of immersion experiences in the woods. Participants get to delve deep into skills and play with full weeks of forest adventure!

After School Programming

Northwood is available to run after school programming for local schools or organizations by contract. We are currently booked on Wednesdays and Fridays, but please reach out if you’re interested in having Northwood come to your school!

Overnights and Camp Outs

Camping out with your friends and mentors has to be one of the best parts of childhood! Kids age 9 and up are welcome to join us for an overnight– we’ll play night games, do campfire cooking, and learn how to be comfortable and at home in the wilderness together. Some overnights are stand alone events, and others are tied to Village Day– inquire for details if you’re interested in participating!

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